We provide transportation and accommodating service to those special needs travellers who are most appropriately transported by a wheelchair and that may require specialized care.




Within Calgary, we charge $80 each way (round trip is $160), plus GST.
The fee for an ambulance in Calgary is approximately $350.


For out of town trips, a base rate of $80.00 plus $1.50/km round trip from Calgary applies. (Mileage for an ambulance is more than $3/km.)

New Special Price for Airdrie, Okotoks & Cochrane Clients: $100 each way. Plus GST.

We take the client right into their appointment. If we are to remain with the client during their appointment or outing, attendant fees accrue. Beyond the first 30 minutes (complimentary) the attendant fees are $15.00/15 min. (Ambulance = up to $148.00/hr)


Additional charges such as the requirement of a 2nd Transport Care Attendant to assist with lifting a wheelchair up stairs may also apply.


Corporate rates are available.        

AISH Client? Call your case manager. 
They may approve our services! 

Trusted Since 2007

Services available 6am-8pm Monday to Friday

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Weekends & Evenings subject to driver availability

Call (403) 873-2224 or email:

What we offer:

Our innovative and ‘dementia friendly’ service boasts some of the most comfortable Patient Transport Vehicles (PTV) on the road and is available in the greater Calgary area. 


- All our staff are trained and specialize in customer service for clients with mobility and/or cognitive issues such as dementia or Alzheimers.

- Easily identified in our casual uniforms.

- Training in sensitivity and special needs.

- Trained in oxygen handling and maintenance. 

- All vehicles are equipped with oxygen and supplies.

- Offer rear heating and air conditioning adjusted to your comfort.

- Ambulatory vehicles equipped with company supplied wheelchair.

- Rear entry wheelchair accessible.

- Power Inverters (AC/DC 12 Volt)   

- Ability to load scooters and power wheelchairs forward facing (maximum 31.5"x90"x58.25") 

- Family member, friend, or care attendant is welcome to accompany the client at no additional cost.


All of our medically trained drivers are registered with the Alberta College of Paramedics.